Our Order Processing Process

Your order goes through three processes after you complete the payment: Processing, Completed, and Delivered.

Order creat.

After the customer confirms the order and pays, the order will enter the [processing] status.

Processing order.

We will prepare it for shipment(ususlly take 1-2 work day). Confirm the product information, delivery mode and delivery address.If the order information is not confirmed, we will communicate with the customer through email to complete the confirmation before shipment.During this period, the order status will be maintained at [processing].

Order completed

After we confirm the order information, we will send the package. When the package is delivered from our warehouse, we will define the order as [completed]. This does not mean that you have received the goods (you will receive the goods). At this time, we will provide a tracking code.

Shipping and Tracking

After the order entered [completed], we provided a tracking code and tracking website via email. Please note that at this time, the package is still on the way to the carrier. They need 0-2 days to receive the package and process it before updating the delivery details. Therefore, we may provide a tracking code but its tracking information is not updated in time.


After the products are delivered to the carrier, the free delivery plan will complete the delivery within 10-15 working days, and expedited delivery ( United States only) can be delivery within 3-5 working days.