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LHI® is a professional fitness brand serving fitness enthusiasts from all over the world. Taking the classic military assault pack design as a starting point, it breaks away from the traditional idea of a fitness pack. Combining functionality, aesthetics and performance materials, we are at the forefront of the future of fitness fashion.
The company now has 12 talented designers, five production lines and over 200 employees. Providing professional and comprehensive fitness backpacks, shaker bottles and Patch.
Our slogan: to provide high-quality tactical backpacks for people around the world.

Shenzhen Feichuangda Model Technology Co., Ltd. We have been selling backpacks since 2019.Establish this website in 2022.Since we founded the brand “LHI”, we aim to create backpacks that are suitable for both men and women by focusing on the needs of customers.

Address:Shenzhen Feichuangda Model Technology Co., 109, Floor 1, Building A4, Demei Industrial Center, No. 65, East Ring 2nd Road, Fukang Community, Longhua Street, Longhua District, ShenzhenGuangdong Province, China
Cuotomer Service Email: support@lhibackpack.com